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Welcome to Wrongful. This podcast seeks to provide a public defense for individuals who have been wrongfully convicted. 

Our first case is out of Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Zachariah Anderson, or “Zach”, was convicted this March, on two counts of stalking, homicide, and hiding a corpse. He was accused of stalking his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend, and of murdering said boyfriend. No body was ever found, and Zach maintains his innocence. 

Zach wanted to testify, but he was urged by his attorneys to utilize his fifth amendment right. He put his trust in the system that was put in place to protect the innocent, thus his story never was heard. 

We are here to tell his side of the story. We will be utilizing the information from the trial, looking at the evidence presented, scrutinizing testimonies, reviewing unseen evidence, and information we learned about Zach from his own journals and from interviews with his family. 

Listen along with us as we review this case and look at the evidence and decide for yourself…could he be innocent?